As the Internet influences aesthetics

The relationship between new digital media - including social media - and the way notions of beauty change has been studied. Along with this, the influence of these media in the search for plastic surgery has also been studied. Discover how the Internet influences aesthetics. The world is changing and the impact of technology on each person's daily life is greater with each passing day.

Along with this, the culture of the body has made people look more than ever for alternatives to exercise and diet, trying to fit in with the socially diffused norm. Digital media have been largely responsible for sharing content that promotes the desire for the body and fit life, creating a generation that anchors itself in the images diffused by the media to create notions about the visual perfection of the body.Some spheres, such as those of the cosmetics industry, the make-up industry and also, though in different ways, the gyms and surgery have felt the change in people's routines as people begin to look for ways to achieve new notions of beauty for themselves.The issues related to these new notions, the narratives, the permeability of new concepts and also the construction of the individual image have been part of numerous studies. In fact, the impact of new media narratives on people's perceptions of beauty has made clear changes in the way we live in Brazil and in the world. Come and know the ways in which the Internet influences aesthetics.

Social media and the search for beauty alternativesA

is increasingly sought after and social media have, according to studies, a clear impact on this process.

American studies, including a very recent one at John Jopkins University, revealed that social media, through networks such as Facebook and Instagram, lead people to alter their image of themselves, not only by spreading new notions of perfection but also by the filters themselves, which allow for image manipulation and the creation of new perceptions about one's physical potential.According to this study, the use of these filters creates, in some way, a feeling of tranquility regarding the personal image, which creates the desire to live this comfort for a long time. Thus, the social media can lead people to seek aesthetic surgery to conquer the image that the filters help to present in social networks. The main surgeries

performed in BrazilIn

Brazil, the plastic surgeries most sought after by users of the digital media are those aimed at slimming, improving the appearance of the face and toning the body. The main surgeries performed are augmentation mammoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.Other treatments, less invasive than surgery, are also sought after, especially by those who want to reduce signs of age, such as wrinkles and flaccidity.-.

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