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Are you getting bored of the same old fortnight’s holiday at a beach resort? Or perhaps you’re celebrating a milestone event like a 30th birthday or wedding anniversary. Maybe you’re looking for something totally different to do for a hen or stag do or even for your honeymoon. If so, we recommend a unique holiday experience – charter a boat.One of the misconceptions that people have about this type of holiday is that it’s only for the extremely wealthy. However, if you count up all the money you spend at your holiday destination for the hotel, meals, evenings out, transport and entertainment, you’ll find that hiring a boat isn’t necessarily the most expensive option.Another advantage of boats is that they have fully-equipped kitchens so self-catering can save you lots of money on restaurant bills.What are the other benefits of a sailing holiday?Variety of vesselsOne advantage of sailing holidays is that there is a variety of vessels to choose from including sailing boats, catamarans, yachts and motorboats.

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic getaway as a couple or going with family and/or friends, you’ll be sure to find a vessel with enough berths to accommodate everyone.You aren’t restricted in your choice depending on whether you have any sailing experience, either. You can hire a boat with a skipper. They will take charge of the vessel and even provide you with some lessons so you can take over the helm under their watchful supervision.Range of destinationsOnce you’ve chosen in which harbour/country you wish to join the boat, another wonderful aspect of sailing holidays is that you aren’t stuck in one resort for all your stay. You can cast off, set sail and explore places further along the coast or in the same island group.

Many chartering companies have recommended sailing routes, but you can adapt these to suit your interests. You’ll find that many hidden coves along the coast are only accessible by boat so this will really give you the chance to get away from the crowds and relax.No two days are the sameAt holidays resorts, you probably find that your days follow the same pattern: breakfast at the hotel, beach/swimming pool, evening meal and going out – only enlivened by the occasional sightseeing trip.On sailing holidays, you won’t settle into this holiday rut. Each day brings you new experiences, memorable sights and a variety of activities. From swimming and fishing to photographing stunning sunsets or trying your hand at the helm, there’s always something different to do.But best of all, if you have a highly stressful job, you won’t have any noisy neighbours to disturb your relaxation.

You can chill out on the deck, listen to the sound of the sea and read a book. It’s also the ideal time to re-connect with your loved ones over a board game or chatting over a glass of wine.Why not try something different this year? You’ll be sure to savour every moment.

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