Sell Your Products Online With Shopify-Plus!

As more and more women are empowering themselves and taking to business to generate their own income and support their families. One of the easiest ways to turn your hobby or passion into an income stream is to work from home and sell your products via online commerce platforms like Shopify Plus.

What Is E-Commerce And How Can My Home Business Benefit From It?

E-commerce is simply put, the act of selling goods and services via the internet. As a small business one of the most important business goals you should have is to minimise overhead expenses and maximise profits. With e-commerce, you can do exactly that!Since e-commerce businesses require no physical premises or a hoard of staff to get everything done, it is a very lucrative option for small businesses.

E-commerce platforms have effectively removed the cost barriers that used to prevent entrepreneurs from entering the online world. Platforms can be integrated with your existing website to add a dedicated e-commerce section in just a few clicks.E-commerce platforms come in various shapes and sizes and you can easily find a plan that matches your needs. Whether you are selling products, services or a combination of both, you will be able to see the difference in your bottom line when you add an online store to your website. Since most e-commerce platforms are designed with technologically challenged people in mind, anybody can operate the software and no speciality skills are required to use platforms like Shopify.

How Do I Integrate An E-Commerce Platform With My Website?

Adding an e-commerce platform is as simple as answering a few questions on your chosen e-commerce platform provider's website.

After you have created your account and chosen the desired billing package, you can begin creating your stock inventory. Although the initial set up process may take some time it is worth making sure that you enter all your inventory items properly and add the right prices to the right items.Most platforms offer fully customisable front-end interfaces so that you can choose a template that matches your existing website and expresses your unique brand identity. Since all the settings are automatically applied, you simply have to choose the template that works for you. The last step of the integration process is setting up a payment gateway, without this essential part shoppers would not be able to pay you for goods.

Most platforms support a variety of payment gateways and processors but choosing a well-known payment service provider will add more legitimacy to your website and builds the trust of your customers.Having an online store is a great option for women and men who are looking to sell their products to a large market without the traditional costs and challenges of setting up a business on the high street. With modern technologies like the internet and e-commerce platforms like Shopify, the options for generating a reliable income stream is limited only by your imagination.

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