The agricultural sector and its adaptation to the Internet

If the new technologies are an impulse and an opportunity of evolution for many sectors, the field of agriculture is not different and presents an evident renovation and a new way of facing the work knowing how to take advantage of every possibility to make it more effective and much more productive. On the other hand, scientific research manages to genetically improve products to result in a better appearance, greater durability or better resistance of the crops. Having listed these elements as examples, it is important to point out that there are numerous innovations in different areas of technology that improve production and facilitate work, and in this sense we cannot forget the importance of new automated irrigation systems or mobile applications that allow us to have absolute control over all the activities that take place in the field.

Among these interesting elements we find the Agroptima application that allows to register in a simple way the sowing, the harvest, the irrigation or the fumigation, among other activities, to have all the information always at hand in the mobile phone without the need to be constantly connected to the Internet thanks to its capacity of offline work.Thanks to Agroptima's data collection, the farmer can have an overview of all activities carried out on his farm or plantation and, likewise, can consult every detail of these activities with the intention of making the best management decisions, correcting possible errors and improving some systems that need a renewal or a change of procedure. From deciding where to assign each crop, to keeping track of the status of machinery or maintaining contact with the work of employees, this application is very useful for taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology in one of the most basic and fundamental sectors. In the agricultural sector it is common to find a traditional method of work that requires direct contact with the land to offer quality products.

However, this system is not incompatible with a notable improvement brought about by new technologies which, with some ingenuity and a lot of experience, are capable of offering opportunities to entrepreneurs and workers so that their work is facilitated and their performance increased.

Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson

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