The importance of Seo in the optimization of online projects

SEO positioning has become a central part of all marketing campaigns carried out by online businesses. This has occurred, fundamentally, because of the capital importance of reaching the top positions of Google's rankings in order to attract customers. Consumer behaviour, a key factor in any SEOL strategy, must be based on the behaviour of the public. In fact, for some years now, the trend of creating user-focused web designs has clearly prevailed over any other model.

Several studies claim that 90e users use search engines to find the resources or information they need on the Internet. Likewise, in the 84th, Google users never reach the second page of results. In addition, 65% have never accessed the sponsored content that appears on the right side and top of the screen. Taking into account these data, any entrepreneur who wants to stand out with his business idea in the online environment must bet as strongly as possible on a seo positioning strategy that optimizes your project and makes it more visible.

The importance of a good strategy Therefore, all e-businesses, whether they are already operating or plan to do so in the near future, are obliged to carry out analysis and market studies that will lead them to develop an appropriate SEO positioning strategy. Thanks to it, they get a roadmap that shows them the way in the short, medium and long term. Although it is true that the results usually take a while to be visible, the reality is that, in the end, they always appear. In this sense, as the SOSTAC model maintains, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the current situation in order to subsequently establish objectives to be achieved.

Once this has been done, it is time to define a strategy based on a series of tactics, which can range from buying reviews to optimizing titles and keywords on the web. This model is not only applicable to e-commerce, but also to any other business model. In fact, it can serve as well for a personal blog as for one focused on making money through AdSense. Obviously, depending on the case, it is necessary to adapt each of the guidelines to the specific characteristics of the website in order to report benefits.

Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson

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