The most popular winter sports of the Germans - we can't do without them

Not everyone likes winter sports. But those who have already practiced it, often can not stop. Somewhere that is also clear. After all, the various winter sports are a lot of fun.

Moreover, they are not only good for the body, but also offer some action. So let's take a look at what are the most popular winter sports among Germans. You will definitely see some of them in the upcoming winter sports events.


understandable that skiing is one of the most popular winter sports.

After all, the sport is not only a lot of fun, but also efficiently burns calories. For this reason, year after year, many Germans go on ski holidays and even forgo a sunny beach holiday for it. Skiing is popular with both young and older people. There is even a real culture around the winter sport.


many, snowboarding is the perfect alternative to skiing. Basically, the winter sport is not that much different. However, instead of skis, a board is used. Many Germans see snowboarding as a way to surf on the snow.

Admittedly, this comparison is quite apt. After all, balance and coordination are also essential in snowboarding. However, it is important to know the basic riding and falling techniques. Otherwise the risk of injury is too high.

Ice skatingIce skating

is far less dangerous than skiing or snowboarding. Therefore, it is also very suitable for children. Another advantage is that practically anyone can learn to skate in a short time. Anyone who spends a few minutes on the ice usually gets the hang of it straight away and glides almost weightlessly over the icy surface.

Since there are halls for ice skating practically everywhere in Germany, it is not surprising that the winter sport is so popular in this country. Should the temperatures cooperate, skating on lakes is theoretically also possible. However, special caution is required here.


only children, but also adults love tobogganing.

Because tobogganing is simply a lot of fun. Moreover, it needs no previous experience and is an ideal activity for the whole family. Anyone can ride down snowy hills on a toboggan. All it takes is a suitable sled.

A larger sled can also accommodate several people at once. Although sledding can be quite turbulent, the risk of injury is quite low. It is only important to make sure that there are no trees on the toboggan run. By the way, tobogganing also helps you lose weight and trains your muscles.

Ice hockeyIn

recent years, Germany has become a leading ice hockey nation. The successes in major competitions are the best proof of this. In general, ice hockey is quite popular in Germany and it can be assumed that this will be even more the case in the future. After all, there are already far more amateur sports clubs than was the case just a few years ago.

Although ice hockey is a relatively rough winter sport and the risk of injury is not completely without, its charm has the sport but all the time.

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