The most surprising technological innovations of today

The evolution of the world is a daily reality. Nowadays, technological novelties appear every day, making it almost impossible to keep up with the speed of this process. The new technologies that appear in everyday life often bring surprising and almost futuristic innovations, which make us feel that we have entered a science fiction movie. This rapid evolution brings, of course, changes that contribute to the improvement of human life and also of the environment and make us imagine a fuller future at various levels.

Several technological innovations have already arrived to surprise us all. Today, we present some of the most astonishing ones for the international public.

1.fifth generation mobile internetThe

fourth generation of mobile phones (4G) had already surprised the world, but now the passage we have seen leads us from the ... Today, mobile devices are increasingly starting to bring this innovation, which leaves the world at our fingertips and motivates faster and faster access to all kinds of communication and information.

2.Augmented realityThere has

been talk of augmented reality technologies for many years, but if previously this was just a dream, today it is a reality that we see and whose uses are on our doorstep. This system will allow uses in various sectors, including in the middle of beauty (prediction of a haircut, for example); in the real estate sector (seeing a finished house when it is still under construction); or in the world of cinema (literally taking us into the middle of action).

3 Solid state batteriesThe

environment is one of the concerns of the century, and solid state batteries are the surprising revelation that comes to us in the 21st century.

These batteries eliminate harmful liquid electrolytes and start using electrodes and solid electrolytes.

4.the various 3DE printers while

invention, the 3D printer is already old, having been born in the 80's of the 20th century. Even so, its uses have been incredibly diverse. Today, 3D printers are used to print houses, cars, bones and even human organs for transplants. The various uses of the 3D printer are undoubtedly one of the most surprising innovations of the century.


standalone carsStand-alone cars are another of the ideas that almost seem to lead us to fiction films.

All the ideas that were presented to us by the science fiction of the last century, are transported through these cars with autonomy that, in an incredible way, have materialized the idea that motivates their construction.Despite all the positive results of the tests made on these cars, the lack of legislation on their use makes that there may be some delay in the entry of these vehicles in the market.It is, nevertheless, a less polluting and safer option, which may manifest itself in a very positive way in the future of humanity. The expectation is that by 2025 at least 10 cars in circulation will be autonomous.

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