The reopening of trade in Paraíba and the online stores

Paraíba reopened many of its stores this month, with well defined guidelines to ensure safety. Online consumption in Brazil, however, seems to have come to stay. The return to what people are calling the "new normal" is beginning in Brazil, although the numbers of Covid-19 are not encouraging. This month, Paraíba has already allowed the reopening of many spaces, trying to support the local and national economy in this complex moment.

Although many entrepreneurs in the retail area have opted for beyond their physical store, and many people have taken the opportunity to start selling online in this phase of confinement, taking advantage of the facilities offered by new features such as trade in dropshipping or the support of a good online trading platform, the reopening of other spaces, without virtual existence, is being viewed with positivism by professionals in this sector.At this time, while supporting the digital transition, Fecomércio's leaders also consider it necessary that the return of physical stores is done confidently but with the essential care for the reduction of contagion and the safe resumption of activities. Come and learn more about the transition from commerce to digital and concerns about the reopening of commercial spaces in Paraíba.

Digital transition and the role of platformsAll

existing business entrepreneurs and recent entrepreneurs are looking to the digital as a way to ensure revenues. ecommerce in Brazil has shown great growth (37.5m 2019, according to Paypal) and may continue to grow in the current scenario, especially when we consider that there are various platforms and entities offering support in the process.At this time, an entrepreneur who decides to launch his brand will have the support of tools such as a name generator or slogan, a barcode generator and also a great access to content such as free images. In addition, even those less familiar with the operation of an online store will always be able to take advantage of online articles, tips and, of course, the help of one that helps in every step of the process.

Facing Covid-19 (and even before the pandemic), entrepreneurs are also taking an interest in this way since Brazilian consumers are also showing a preference for digital consumption.

Concerns about the reopening of commerceClaro

that, despite the trend to sell online is getting stronger and more and more people are buying their products in an online store, the Brazilian economy also needs the physical spaces to reopen so that activities can normally resume.Marconi Medeiros, president of the Federação do Comércio de Bens, Serviços e Turismo do Estado da Paraíba, revealed that he has some concerns about the reopening, which took place on July 13th and wants to ensure that everything runs safely so that employees and customers are safe. There are several guidelines for the reopening, including distance and the use of alcohol gel and mask.

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