The usefulness of information management tools in our content marketing

In order to carry out an adequate content marketing strategy, it is essential to gather a large amount of information, which implies resorting to an immense number of sources. That, being a rather laborious and extensive activity by itself, would be worth very little if you are not able to manage such a wealth of information, in order to use only what is really necessary and useful for your purposes. This term refers to the process of taking all this stored information manually or automatically and treating it in a suitable way, so that you can get your hands on it. This means that, after having searched among groups, lists, search engines or subscriptions of all kinds and collected all this data, we need to filter everything we have collected to make a selection.

In this step, you must take care to determine some useful selection criteria, which must be read more or less carefully depending on their importance for our purposes. It requires patience, but excluding everything that does not call our attention. Now, we will have to organize them and the best thing is not to cover the title, but to include the link to it. Only by following these steps will we be able to personalize that information extracted from other sources, at our convenience.

The result should be something original and new that includes your own opinion and criteria, with your own title, keywords and tags. Sharing the contents with our own audience is the raison d'être of all the work. If the work seems complicated to you, it is because, in reality, it is. Fortunately, you will see how this issue is greatly simplified if we take into account the existence of tools to follow the recent news in your industry.

These valuable tools will allow you to optimize the work of healing content, while helping you in an important way in the daily work. However, they won't do all the work, nor can you expect them to. Because, content healing is not a process that can be completely automated. Each person is responsible for their own content marketing and their own experience in selecting and analyzing information is the real tool of unparalleled value, and there is no such thing as a perfect tool, since each person has a different task.

Therefore, the most sensible and productive thing to do is to use a combination of several of them.

Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson

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